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This is who I am today. This is who I'll be tomorrow.

In this day and age relationships let alone marriages don't last any more...It's a shame really. I am always told I should have been born back in the day when you would be with one person and that was it. No cheating and none of the excess relationship drama that people have in this society today. Through anything in life I know for myself that marriage and happiness are inevitable. Happiness is here and as for marriage....not today, not tomorrow, but one day....

It seem's like in today's world a man or woman only wants one or two things from the other person. No one wants commitment, values, integrity, compassion, friendship, companionship etc....why I don't know. God also plays a key role in relationships. A woman and man striving for spiritual perfection is good but believers mixed with unbelievers is nothing but a recipe for disaster! I would take marriage and happiness over any thing else in this world....there is nothing greater! There are so many ingredients which develop a good relationship and a successful marriage such as honesty, understanding, romance, patience, trustworthiness, respect, willingness to compromise, flexibility, etc... I could go on and on....all of this should come natural to a man and woman in a relationship in my opinion.

Relationships and marriages are such beautiful things and a blessing and people take them for granted. It is one thing to be happy but it is another thing to be happy just knowing you have such a good other half with a promising future. Don't you just want to be somewhere and smile because you see something that reminds you of them or to have a stressful day at work and know God's gift....the one he created just for you is waiting at home for you which makes any and every problem just disappear.....I know I do.

God may not come when you want him, but he's always on patience is virtue...we're on His time not ours.

So who am I...

I like Laughing to Crying, Driving to Flying, Comedy to Horror, Lounges to Picnics, Plays to Car Shows, Sunny days to Rainy days, Water to Liquor, Fishing to Football, White to Black, Vegetables to Meat, Cooking indoors to BBQ'ing, Chevy to Mercedes, Hot to Cold, Light to Dark and all in all I'm always trying to make the best out of anything and live life like it's supposed to be lived.....happy and to it's extent!

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